News Stream

Moving to Cornell Engineering!

I am moving to Cornell Engineering, with joint appointments in ECE and BME. I will be building a new lab starting in summer of 2017. I will be hiring!

Nature Communications Paper

A new paper of ours which studies the heritability of neuroanatomical shape will be coming out in Nature Communications soon!

New Paper in PNAS

New paper out in PNAS: we define a new metric called “morphometricity” that quantifies the neuroanatomical signature of a phenotype.

MEGHA Paper Accepted to PNAS

Our MEGHA paper accepted to PNAS. “Massively Expedited Genome-wide Heritability Analysis (MEGHA).” T Ge, TE Nichols, AJ Holmes, PH Lee, JL Roffman, RL Buckner, MR Sabuncu*, and JW Smoller*. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In Press. 2015. Software can be downloaded here.

New Paper in Neuroimage

New Paper in Neuroimage. “A Kernel Machine Method for Detecting Effects of Interaction Between Multidimensional Variable Sets: An Imaging Genetics Application”, T Ge, T Nichols, D Ghosh, E Mormino, JW Smoller*, and MR Sabuncu*.

New Paper in Neuroinformatics

New Paper in Neuroinformatics. “Clinical prediction from structural brain MRI scans: A large-scale empirical study” by Mert R. Sabuncu and Ender Konukoglu. For paper go here. For data and computational tools go here.

Twin Papers in NeuroImage

Check out Jorge’s twin papers in Neuroimage that talk about the use of LME for analyzing longitudinal neuroimage data. The first one and second one. Info on the Matlab tools distributed with FreeSurfer can be found here.