• Massively Expedited Genome-wide Heritability Analysis (MEGHA): A MATLAB toolbox and an R implementation for fast and flexible high-dimensional heritability analysis using genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data from unrelated individuals. For details on MEGHA, see [paper] [page/code]
  • Clinical Predictions from structural MRI Datasets: Website dedicated to distributing the software and data that was used in our large-scale experiment, reported in this paper. [page]
  • Relevance Voxel Machine (RVoxM): A Matlab toolbox that implements a sparse Bayesian machine learning algorithm designed to make clinical predictions from spatial (3D volumetric and 2D surface-based) image data. For details on label fusion, see [paper] [page/code]
  • BrainFuseLab: A Matlab toolbox that enables (pairwise and groupwise) 3D diffeomorphic registration (e.g. brain MRI scans) and label fusion, that is a supervised segmentation algorithm. For details on label fusion, see [paper] [page/code]
  • iCluster: An Image-driven method to analyze large heteregenous populations of medical image data. [paper]
  • Spherical Demons: A fast algorithm to co-register (align using a diffeomorphic transformation) spherical representations of the cortical surfaces of multiple subjects. [page/code][paper]
  • FuncNorm: fMRI-based inter-subject alignment of the functional anatomy of the human cerebral cortex. [abstract] [page/code]